Tuesday, 18 June 2013


So recently I found out that Owen Wilson wanted to commit suicide back in 2008, he slitted his wrist and took films. I was quite shocked when I had heard about it since  it was Owen Wilson the super laid back charming guy in the movies. He always seemed so relaxed and easy going, I guess it was all for show all for the camera. We don't get to know what happens when he is home all by himself, the emotions that run through him on a daily basis. I think the thing with suicide is that it ends your chances of your life getting better at all, you just pass on all that sorrow and sadness to the ones around you. I guess the hard thing to understand about depression is that it just takes over you, and sometimes you have no control. Your a whole new person. Depression drains the life out of you, you dwell over the meaningless of life, and ask yourself what difference does it make if you do kill yourself. The concept of depression is very hard to understand for those who have not been there, a lot of people just says things like 'Oh just get over it' ' Why you being sad for cheer up' 'Why are you doing this to yourself, thats very stupid of you' and hence that just makes it harder to open up. This is why people end of relying on drugs and alcohol as it gives them a chance to escape reality for a little bit, and from their it just goes downhill. In a money driven world where people strive to be capitalists, life gets very busy. People seem to be more distant and hence our feelings and emotions can be overlooked sometimes. Or maybe all the time.

“When you're young and healthy you can plan on Monday to commit suicide, and by Wednesday you're laughing again.” 
― Marilyn Monroe


  1. I have to agree, depression is one of those health conditions which people fail to recognise themselves & live in constant denial to avoid seeking help for the same.

    I have been through a similar phase so I can totally understand where you are coming from.

  2. Oh wow you left a message :) Thanks a lot. May I ask how long you have been blogging for and what do you like about it?

  3. Suicide and depression are sad things because they could be so easily cured but still it's a long way to go. :/ Thanks for following my blog, I'll follow you on bloglovin and google followers!


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