Thursday, 20 June 2013

My girlfriend's parents doesn't like me because I don't have enough zeros in my bank

So today I attended a coffee barista art class, it was pretty cool learning things like layering the coffee to art techniques for presentation. The trainer was a very interesting guy, he was a huge fan of star wars, he even attempted to explain why Luke Skywalker is 'technically not a Jedi.'I don't know if that is even possible. I also meant this half European/Australian guy in around his mid 20's he was a pretty laid back chilled guy, and since I partnered up with him for all the  coffee activities we ended up conversing about a lot of things. He asked me ' Bro do you have a girlfriend' I smiled and told him 'Naa bro not yet, my mum the other day planned out my life again for like the 7th time, she wants me to have one when I finish uni '

'Bro if it comes it comes man, you don't really have control over it'

Of course he was right, you don't know really when it does come. To my surprise however he told me he told me he already had 3 x's. The first one went overseas and they both lost contact over time due to the distants. The second one had drunk sex with his best mate, that turned out really ugly. The last one texted him one night 'I just don't feel it anymore.......' When I heard this I felt really bad for the guy, then I thought about how harsh the world can be out there, especially in the love section.

 However the good news was that he has dated his current girlfriend for almost three years and wants to get married to her. The most shocking news comes next though the thing that was holding everything back was the one thing that his girlfriend's parents told him at dinner one night. 'Do you have a lot of money, are you financially stable enough to support my daughter. He stuttered for a few seconds cause he didn't know what to say, this got his girlfriend's parents eye browns a raise. This one question got him feeling really down the next few months. He told  me me he was a waiter but recently lost him job since they were making cuts, he wanted to do this barista class to try something new. After watching countless Vietnamese soapies when I was younger when my parents, where the country boy doesn't get to marry the girl in the city because he is poor,  and all the other movies where a similarly scenario happens. I really did think that that was a thing of the past, I guess he did convinced me otherwise. He told he regrets not pursing further studies at university because he couldn't be bothered with school. I tried to cheer him up by pulling the old 'oh by bill gates. steve jobs and.... all made it rich and they all dropped out of high school, you have to take your chances, who knows what could happened....' But he just a lil smirk and said 'One in a million bro, one in a million.'

Money can be so cruel sometimes.

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