Sunday, 21 April 2013

Dog paddle

Today at the pools after doing doing my normal laps, I decided to do the dog paddle to see how long it would take to get across to the other side. So after dog paddling around half way this beautiful half cast girl looks at me and laughs. She then asked if I knew how to swim, I opened to my mouth to say yes, in the gist of the moment however I said no. She then proceeded and ask do you want me to teach you. At this point in time I was kinda nervous and didn't know what to say, so I just nodded my head. From there she went on teaching me all the four strokes the freestyle, breast stroke, butterfly and the back stroke. I acted dumb the whole time pretending to not know how to swim. She was so down to earth sharing stories of how she accidentally let one rip when she received best dressed back in high school graduation, to how she fell into the mud face first after coming 2nd in high jump. So after about 90 minutes she mum waved to her asking her to go home. I told her that I would probably see her next week without asking for her contacts details. However after she got dressed she came up to me with a notepad asking for my email, telling me that we'll keep in contact. Email how interesting....

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